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First Paris bar with cats

Paris continues to surprise residents and guests of the city. And to surprise pleasantly 🙂 According to the French newspaper Le Figaro, the first bar with cats will be opened in the capital. The cafe will be situated in the Marais – one of the brightest and most colorful areas of Paris. By the way, that is not the only conceptual bar in the quarter.

The idea of opening such an unusual cafe belongs to Margaux Gandelon who was inspired by the experience of the Japanese cafe network “Neko” with quadrupedal friends of humans.

As Margaux says, by the statistics more than 70 percent of the Frenchmen love cats, but only a quarter of them are owners of these pets. In Paris region it’s even less – only 11 percent. That’s why the the main goal of the new bar is to let the Parisians and tourists to enjoy the purring company of these nice creatures.

Of course, after the information about the opening has become public, many questions on hygiene appeared. Margaux said that about ten cats will live in the bar, the premises are equipped according to all veterinary and sanitary norms. Every pet will be daily inspected by the staff.

The unusual bar will work every day without days off. The opening is planned in August.

Bar with cats