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Yves Saint-Laurent: the master’s museum opened in Paris

Yves Saint-Laurent is a great fashion designer, innovator and experimenter, and just a talented person. Even if you do not consider yourself a connoisseur of fashion, this name is probably familiar to you.

Thousands of articles and dozens of books have been written about him, films have been shot… and here in Paris, a museum was opened, where you can find the exhibits depicting the life and work of this famous master.

The exposition of the museum consists of ready-made clothes, sketches of the designer, photographs and personal belongings of Yves Saint-Laurent.

The museum is located at Avenue Marceau 5 – in the mansion of the nineteenth century, where Yves Saint-Laurent lived and worked for thirty years. Ticket’s price – 7 Euro.

In addition, at the end of October, the second museum of the legendary couturier will open its doors. Not in France, but in the capital of Morocco, the city of Marrakech. And what is remarkable – it is located on Yves Saint-Laurent street.