U2 Concerts in Paris

U2. Long ago these two symbols became a simple name of a music band. Today U2 is a legend. It’s a standard of musical style and taste. They are the main brand of Ireland, of a small country with a great history on the British Islands.

Slowly but surely the musicians are approaching another anniversary. It’s difficult to imagine (as Bono & Company are still young and fervent guys) but in 2016 U2 will celebrate 40 (!!!) years of their creative life.


Last years the Irish band gives less concerts and goes for world tours not so often, switching over to charity and other social projects – great respect for that. And that’s why U2 performances become more and more valuable for their true fans who miss their favourite musicians.

If you’re one of them, those people who love songs by Bono and his friends, we are glad to inform you in advance (for you to have time to plan your trip) that the heroes of Ireland will come to Paris for 3 concerts in November (11, 14, 15) at the Palais Omnisport de Bercy. Tickets are already available.

As usually, U2 will share the energy and give to everybody their immense music – the thing they can do best of all!

Paris and U2 are awaiting you! 🙂

Oh, and a nice show of U2 at the end 😉