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The Museum of Eugene Delacroix

We continue to acquaint all visitors of our site with interesting places of Paris which can be visited in this city. Today we have decided to stop on Eugene Delacroix National museum. This museum settles down in the Parisian house and studio of the great master in Furstenberg Street where he has spent last years of his life.

Delacroix has lodged here in December, 1857 having moved from the previous residence which was settled down on Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette. The close arrangement with church l’Eglise Saint-Sulpice became the reason of his choice of this place for the new residence for the well-known artist. Those years the legend of the French and world painting worked over the monumental frescos for a church chapel which is called nowadays the Chapel of sacred angels.

Despite his serious illness master Delacroix has made firm decision to finish one of the most significant works. Therefore he has moved closer to the place where the chapel settled down.

After the death of the great artist the Parisian authorities have made a decision on pulling down the house in which Eugène Delacroix lived to replace it with garages for local residents. And then to avoid so barbarous for all intelligence of the country action, at the initiative of the known artists Maurice Denis and Paul Signac has appeared special “Eugene Delacroix Society”. To the first affairs the new organization has made decision to rent the studio in which the well-known master worked, and in a consequence all house has been rented. Preservation of this historical monument and popularization of works of the artist was an overall objective of the created society.

In the early fifties of the twentieth century the house has been exposed on sale. However “Eugene Delacroix Society” had no money resources to redeem the building, therefore its heads have decided to transfer the collection of Delacroix masterpieces to the French authorities to provide its safety.

The country authorities, nevertheless, have shown respect for the great fellow countryman and have created a museum which today we know, The Museum of Eugene Delacroix. Thanks to it all premises (library, bedroom, hall and studio) where lived and created the remarkable artist are open for all fans of art and admirers of the master’s talent.

The museum exposition consists of Delacroix’s picturesque pictures, drawings, personal correspondence, lithographs which throw light on many moments of life of undoubtedly interesting and talented person. The museum furniture   is produced on the basis of posthumous levy of execution of the artist as original exhibits have been lost in the nineteenth centuries. Under preliminary arrangement with inspectors of the establishment it is possible to get acquainted with some documents concerning life of Delacroix.

In the rest room in which the artist has left this world, there are his family portraits, and also a portrait of the maiden of Delacroix who was remaining with him till his latest sigh. Along with the well-known picture “The Repenting sinner in desert” the frescos created by the master for Valmont abbey are presented here. Except for his works many personal things of the artist which can be interesting to visitors are collected.

Address: 6 Rue de Furstenberg, 75006 Paris