The concert of the legendary guitarist B.B. King in Paris

Farewell tour of the famous American blues guitarist and singer, who is rightly called the king of the blues, began in the spring of 2006. “This can not last forever, – said then B.B. King. – Sooner or later everything is finished. But I’m going to do what I do as long as my health will permits.”

Six years have passed and now the author of the legendary phrase “Blues – is when a good man feeling bad” is already 86 years old, but he still finds the inspiration and strength to walk up to the stage.

However, as the French fans of the greatest world guitarist noted with sadness, July’s concert in Paris will be one of the last opportunities to see play and to hear voice of the great B.B. King.

This man has done for the blues more than anyone else. As an example – the people, once inspired by him, have become legends of music. “Hearing him firstly, I realized that I need an electric guitar. Even if I would steal it!” – one of them said.

The concert, which have to be visited by all music lovers, will be held on July 9 at famous Parisian cinema Le Grand Rex. Tickets: 45 – 100 euros.