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Season of fountains at Versailles: unique French shows

Versailles fountains – amazing spectacle even when they do not work. And during the season of fountains, what will last until the autumn, organizers offer to enjoy a truly fabulous show.

Since the 16th of June to the 8th of September the royal gardens of Versailles will show performances not accessible even for the legendary King Louis XIV. Sound experts will work in close co-operation with specialists in illumination and pyrotechnics. The venue for the night shows will be the famous Versailles fountains.

Water mirrored stalls near the palace of French kings, stretching to the horizon Grand Canal, a wonderful fountain Apollo, where the sun rises up, welcoming the monarch, and dozens of other fountains – all fits perfectly into the landscape near the royal palace.  Also there are many other things to admire besides the game of water jets – for example, huge grassy plots and flower beds, for which the French naval admirals regularly brought new rare pieces of flora.

If you want to estimate beauty of the gardens and park of Versailles in full, where the main part is the most beautiful in the world fountains, you should to come here on one Saturday in the summer.

The shows will start at 09.00 pm and last until 11.30 pm. Magnificent fireworks will start at 11.15 pm. That will be many theme nights whose secrets are not disclosed by the organizers, preserving an intrigue.

Tickets price — 19 – 23 euros.