Red Hot Chili Peppers will inflame Paris

The new, prepared during five-year period, album of Red Hot Chili Peppers «I’m With You» has immediately become the leader of the British music charts.

Even after the leaving of a guitarist John Frusciante the “peppers” kept their own style. As always, you will not mix them up with anyone and their new songs are recognizable.

And above all Red Hot Chili Peppers have not stopped in the creative development, opening for themselves and their fans new horizons of sound and sense.

Josh Klinghoffer – new guitarist – “fit into the group perfectly” – Red Hot Chili Peppers thinks. As far as they are right you can estimate yourself.

The “peppers” made a break obviously for a reason. “This is a new phase of our career,” – says the frontman Anthony Kiedis. “We are reborn and became young again” – the bassist Flea echoed. The drummer Chad Smith goes farther and says that “this is the new group – it seems that the same name, but this is the new group”.

Fans of the “hot peppers” wait for new potential hits from the band and resume of their live performances for a long time.

Songs from the new album, as from the legendary «Blood Sugar Sex Magik» (exactly after this album Red Hot Chili Peppers woke up the superstars 20 years ago), «Californication» and other releases will be performed this autumn in Paris.

The concert will be held on October, 19th at Bercy.

Tickets (about a thousand euros) are still for sale. Of course, it’s a big sum, but the opportunity to see and hear your idols – priceless!

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