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Living and flourishing Quai Branly Museum

Paris has the worldwide status of the city of museums, and to retain it the French capital has to maintain their old museums and also open the new ones periodically for motivation of local people and attracting an increasing number of foreign tourists. Our site introduces you many museums (and other sights) constantly. Today it’s the next one. The name of our current object of narration is quite simple – the Quai Branly Museum.

It’s notable that, despite of the museum is located in the heart of Paris (it’s some minutes from the Eiffel Tower) and its exposition is extremely interesting, the number of visitors remains to be rather small. And if apartments in Paris, located in this part of the city, have a great popularity among travelers, just some of them reach Quai Branly Museum, but, believe there is a lot of interesting things what deserve to seen.

So, let’s back from the grim statistics of attendance of the museum to its real merits.

The initiator of the birth of our object was the president of the French Republic Jacques Chirac, and the museum was opened for visitors thanks to his protection in 2006. The museum occupies a whole quarter of Paris and is an original social-science-education center (visiting it you can constantly be in the center of some activity), a club and a museum at the same time. And if we talk about the main museum’s exposition, this is a collection of samples of art of the peoples of Asia and Oceania, Africa, North and South America.

The uniqueness of the Museum of Quai Branly is also in its very special and unique appearance. In its way, it is the only such place in Europe. The museum is an original place, which can be called as a home-garden, a home-field or a house-plant. In that way the usual street in Paris has a museum where hundreds of plants outside and exhibition halls inside the building co-exist harmoniously.

In general, the house, where the museum is, looks like the live plant, due to many real plants on its walls. They are placed there with special anchorage system designed by the famous botanist Patrick Blanc. And this solution is called a vertical garden. You can always admire this “living” house, just going by it.

Moreover, Quai Branly Museum lets its visitors to be in the real pampas (only South American phenomenon) without leaving Paris.

As is the case with other museums of Paris we could write quite long about this place, but in any case it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times…

We wish you nice excursions at the magnificent Museum of Quai Branly!