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Place where gobelins for kings were created

Dear friends, we continue to acquaint you with remarkable places of the French capital visiting which can interest you during your stay in this remarkable city on the Seine.

And this time on turn is Manufacture Royale des Gobelins (the Parisian Royal manufactory of gobelins). Carpets and gobelins are still produced nowadays in this place. However the suppressing majority of them is issued on the basis of modern sketches corresponding to fashionable tendencies.

In general, the notion “gobelin” has appeared in use in the seventeenth century when brothers with the same surname the Gobelin have based the Royal manufactory in Paris and the production has received the corresponding name. Gille Gobelin which was a dyer by trade became the first representative of this “gobelin” dynasty moved in Paris from Rheims. This person has opened the dye workshop for wool which in a consequence (in the sixteenth century) has been added by its descendants of a weaver’s workshop which used to have great popularity in France at that times.

During his reign the king Louis XIV (the known dandy and the judge of all fine arts) had got the dye works and the weaver’s workshop, belonging to the family of Gobelins. And the Royal Gobelin workshop was born. Considerable means from royal treasury have been allocated in the development and modernization of the manufacture. The manufactory has begun production of magnificent gobelins which were intended for use exclusively in royal apartments. They were exposed on sale extremely seldom as because of the status of the manufactory cost of gobelins was extremely high and very few people presumed to get themselves these products. Besides decorating the palaces of monarchs gobelins of this manufactory were often given to kings of the friendly states. As gobelins from the royal manufactory were appreciated very highly, to receive them as a gift was considered very honorable, and only few could receive similar honor.

The big money resources (thus the factory practically never brought profits) were always spent for the manufactory maintenance; it continued to be financed from royal treasury, and later from the Republic budget. The enterprise has managed to be kept afloat at all governments at various times without any exception.

Today the Royal Gobelin manufactory is not a usual factory; it represents unique historical art establishment, property and pride of the nation. The proprietor of the manufactory since 1937 is “Mobile National” company.

If you have decided to go with excursion to the Parisian Royal Gobelin manufactory, excellent impressions are guaranteed to you.

The manufactory is near to metro station Les Gobelins, the address: 42 Avenue des Gobelins 75013 Paris.