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Picasso Museum in Paris: opening postponed till September

Long-awaited ceremony of opening the Pablo Picasso Museum in Paris (Musee national Picasso) in the Hotel Sale had been scheduled for June, 2014 but was postponed till the middle of September. This information was published by French Ministry of Culture representatives. Unfortunately, reasons of this delay are not open to public.

Lovers of painting and all the admirers of Picasso’s work wait for the solemn ceremony of the museum opening after its reconstruction which was started in 2009.

The National museum of Picasso keeps the biggest collection of the great master’s works as well as various items connected with his amazing life. Altogether the museum collection includes about five thousand exhibits. It’s interesting that those people who visited it earlier couldn’t see all of them since the museum had not had enough space.

And now we only hope that no more force majeure situations will take place, and the Museum of Picasso will open its doors for all comers.