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Paris through the eyes of Hollywood – exhibition for cinephiles

Do you know that more than 800 Hollywood movies were being made in Paris? And, perhaps, the same number, if not more, had sceneries, imitating the streets of the city of love.

The City Hall of Paris will organize the exhibition Paris through the eyes of Hollywood for lovers of cinema this autumn, where you can learn about the most interesting of these films – from the earliest ones to recent movies.

The first Hollywood films whose actions take place in the French capital appeared in the distant 1930s. Already that time directors, screenwriters and actors considered Paris a synonymous of elegance, sophistication and eroticism.

In the 1950s this list was complemented with an another conception of the city – the capital of bohemian life. Films of these years have extraordinary emotions in every frame and, of course, in the music – very colorful and memorable. At the same time Hollywood filmmakers began to bring into play French actors in the works, what made the films better.

Since the 1970s Paris was often a place for high-budget blockbusters and detective movies.

“Paris through the eyes of Hollywood” will offer you to see photos from the shooting areas, models of stage sets, costumes, posters, including archives of the legendary Oscar award and the famous Warner Brothers. Totally around half a million documents will be available. And, of course, the organizers will set a great screen showing the best moments of movies.

The exhibition will be open from 18th September to 15th December, 2012 at Hôtel de Ville. Opening hours: 10.00 — 19.00.