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Do not take Paris for a city of artists, it is an artist itself!

Many cities of this planet amazingly vary in spirit in the everyday life, however each of them has an especial line which characterizes it in many respects, allocates from others. Paris is a city which, being the capital of France, the centre of political and economic life of the country, first of all, associates, as cultural “Mecca” of Europe, and possibly of the whole world.

Great armies of various directions of art were always attracted to Paris. Here it is possible to meet young writers, artists, actors and musicians which have arrived here in search of inspiration, glory and recognition of the talents. Time spent here, highly affects artists as they have possibility of constant dialogue with the same kind of people, the adherents.

Sometimes there is a feeling as if Paris possesses a certain magic charm, magic attractiveness for talented and creative people, and at the same time has some kind of “dope” thanks to which these people completely change their world outlook, create the present masterpieces, in literature, architecture, design, fine arts, music or cinema. And after all it is valid so. Perhaps, nobody challenges the fact that many great people created their greatest masterpieces in Paris. As an example: Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso, Charles Aznavour also Marc Chagall, Claude Monet and Eugene Delacroix, Voltaire and Gustave Courbet and many-many other.

Moulin RougeAll these great representatives of the big art world worked in different trends and styles, however all are connected by one thing – Paris – the city of artist and poets wandering in search of originality. So it was, and so, probably, will always be until creative natures among us searching for something higher than daily work.

And art in Paris fills practically everything that surrounds a human being. Even passing by a usual cafe, inadvertently you notice that a usual signboard over a door is made with a certain highlight you never met before.

To speak about Paris and thus to mean art, undoubtedly, the first which comes to mind is the legendary Montmartre – a place where everything is filled with romanticism and cheerfulness – the world of art. Here you will always find something new and interesting. Visiting Paris without seeing Montmartre is incomplete. Montmartre is more than the Arc de Triomphe or Tour Eiffel, it lives and moves.

In the beginning of the nineteenth century this well-known Parisian hill was flooded with poor French bohemia which in consequence has glorified itself and Montmartre. Some time passed and the place became the recognized centre of new French and European creativity and art. And, in spite of the fact that recently Montmartre represents the historical value rather than is a place of artists’, writers’ and musicians’ conglomeration – inexpressible romantic atmosphere still belongs to this place.

If you have decided to visit Paris take advantage and visit Montmartre, here you can get at least a small piece of Paris on artist canvas possible to take home with you. Ah yes, by all means it is necessary to book tickets for Moulin Rouge – a magnificent cabaret-theatre, the native land of modern striptease.

19, rue des Frigos, ParisModern artists in Paris have more and more dispersed in other places which, quite probably, will become cult in some time. If you have decided to make a tour to Paris and are interested in art, visit the palace of Tokyo with its various opening days, where young artists of Paris demonstrate their creations ( – the schedule of events).

Also, if your trip to Paris is long time, visit a popular habitat of the Parisian artists which is situated on the territory of an old refrigerating warehouse of the city (the address: 19, rue des Frigos). Here almost every day different performances – concerts, exhibitions, video displays, and presentations are held.

Also do not follow a saying “to see Paris and to die! “. Live, come to this city more often, and you will always find something new of the world called Paris – the most important artist in the world!