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Festival Paris Face Cachée

The annual festival Paris Face Cachée will take place in late January in the French capital. During this fest tourists will have access to the places usually hidden from prying eyes.
Only 3 days, January 31, February 1 and 2, you will have a unique chance to get to isolated places, where people usually go to work. For example, you may visit a closed metro station, climb onto the roof of the Paris Observatory or visit the dressing room of the famous Moulin Rouge.
The Festival has been held for 10 years already. But only this year the organizers have for the first time decided to make an ” artistic pause.” The most famous and bravest artists have been invited to perform in the most unexpected places.
The idea of the Festival is that you choose your program blindly and don’t know who and where will animate the chosen program.The venue will be given only on the ticket. However, you have no other details until you come to the place.
All events are divided into 5 groups:
  • penetrate into the unknown
  • experience the unknown
  • find the unusual
  • artistic pause
  • general program
The program in French is on the official website of the Festival. The program provides free and paid events. Tickets price varies from 2 to 25 euros.
As the organizers say “Paris conceals treasures of the atypical and alternative culture, you will discover them during the Festival Paris Face Cachée.”