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Paris en Images

Paris en Images is the name of the website created by the city-hall of the French capital for all those who can not imagine their lives without this city, for all those who leave Paris, but come back, for they leave a piece of their souls there.

Today “Paris en Images” cumulates more than 50,000 images created from the beginning of the twentieth century hitherto. The collection is constantly updated with new pictures taken by amateur and professional photographers. The site collection disposes of images that are stored in various Paris museums: the Carnavalet Museum, the library of the Hôtel de ville, the Paris Historic library, etc.

On this website, thanks to the photos taken at different times, you will be able to trace the history of Paris, to see the most remarkable moments of city life, the development of all arrondissements. In addition, you have an opportunity to download your favorite images of the average resolution for your private use. And even more, on the site you may order any favorite photo printed in a large format (for example, the image of 20cm * 30cm costs only 20 euros).

In our humble opinion, the project is great. It allows you to see the city with new eyes, as ” Paris en Images” presents us the city without retouching and Photoshop. Photos posted on the site seem to have a soul. Viewing the site, you are delighted to be to instantaneously transfered to this eternal city. Look through the website and you will not regret!