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Paris and Perfume

What is Paris? Louvre, Eiffel Tower and other sights? Maybe it’s so for some people, but there are other important things that attract here millions of people from different countries…

Perfumery… Paris and perfume are closely related ideas during many centuries. And to understand it, you just have to come to this magnificent city and stroll through its streets. Almost everywhere there are numerous shops, offering at their windows high-quality products for every taste.

In fact, Paris is a haven for the real connoisseurs of perfume. Here you can always buy fashionable novelties of the leading brands, your favorite perfume, find old aromas (which has gone from the stores in your country). But, more importantly, in Parisian perfume stores, you can choose unique rare fragrances that will be exclusively yours.

It is impossible to say how many shops, selling perfume products of famous and not very brands, in Paris, probably thousands. And it is not including large shopping centers like Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, where departments with all kinds of cosmetics, toilet water, perfumes occupy entire floors.

If we talk about serious perfumery chains, we should note Sephora and Marionnaud, presented in French capital in large numbers. For example, legendary Champs-Elysees has two big branches, located at the neighboring houses.

Chain stores Sephora specialize in selling a wide range of perfume for shower and bath, middle price perfume brands. Marionnaud offers its customers perfumes and toilet waters by known French designers.

However, to be frank, we have to say that the real gourmet go to small boutiques, where the brands of so-called selective perfumery are represented – aromas, made according to the old classical traditions of the great masters of the past. And exactly these small shops are worthy of special attention of travelers who come to Paris to buy original perfumes.

In the passages of Palais Royal Shiseido saloon with a wonderful production of the legendary perfumer Serge Lutens stands out. Many kinds of aromas (their distinctive feature – bottles in the form of bells) are sold only here. And after making a purchase customers are offered to taste a wonderful dainty – candied violets.

Edition de Parfums Frederic Malle – another unusual Parisian perfume shop, located on the left bank of Seine at Rue de Grenelle. The range of this boutique is relatively small, but all the aromas are created by masters of worldwide reputation. By the way, their portraits hang on walls of the store.

At Rue de Grenelle there is also a perfume boutique of Patricia Nicolai – heiress of traditions of her grandfather – famous Pierre Guerlain. A little further is the store Maitre Parfumeur et Gamier, whose appearance is very similar to scenery of the famous film “Perfumer”.

If you are an admirer of the glorious Magie Noire or Climat, you definitely need visit Institute Lancome on rue Faubourg Saint-Honore. Many rare, produced in small exclusive batches sorts of perfume of Lancome are available exclusively at this place, and even not always.

This is not a complete list of stores where you can buy excellent perfume. Quite possibly, you will find others, walking through the beautiful streets of splendid Paris – the City of Love!