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Napoleon and Europe – Exhibition at Les Invalides

Personality of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte continues to excite minds of people until now. In Paris these days you can see the exhibition “Napoleon and Europe” (Napoléon et l’Europe) at the famous Les Invalides. The place  was specially chosen for the event. As they say, the remains of the legendary Corsican were buried there.

“Napoleon and Europe” is not a usual exhibition about the life of the Emperor Bonaparte. This time a concrete period (1793-1815), when Napoleon conducted the policy of expansionism with numerous wars right to the decline of his Empire, is in the limelight.

Among exhibits of “Napoleon and Europe” there are unique medals, engravings, drawings, manuscripts of soldiers who went through all Europe together with the great warlord.

Napoleon and Europe

About fifty museums from different European cities gave more than 300 works of art, items, illustrations of the eyewitnesses and other documents, which let us look at the life of Napoleon from different angles.

Also the organizers offer audio and video presentations, a slide-show, an animated performance “The Battle of Three Emperors”, based on the famous battle of Austerlitz, when the enemy of Napoleon Bonaparte army was the troops of the Austrian Emperor Frantz II and the Russian monarch Alexander I.

Napoleon and Europe

The exhibition “Napoleon and Europe” will last till the 14th of July.

You can book tickets on the official site of Les Invalides; ticket price – 8,5 Euro (the exhibition), 12 Euro (the exhibition + museum).