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Musee Bourdelle

Speaking on the French art, it’s just impossible to get past such a bright person like Emile Antoine Bourdelle – the famous sculptor of the ending of the XIX – beginning of the XX centuries. A disciple of the legendary master Auguste Rodin, he left a huge mark in history himself and gave us his admirable works.

It’s evident that it could be very surprising if the memory of this great man’s creative work was not immortalized into the museum. And the Museum of Bourdelle (Mesee Bourdelle) was opened in the same Paris studio where the sculptor had worked for several dozens years until his death (1885-1929).

Still being alive, Antoine Bourdelle began to prepare the studio for its transforming into museum, and in the beginning of 1930s Gabriel Cognac had allocated a considerable sum of money to buy the premises. It was very important for keeping of the master’s heritage, as long as many of his works had been under threat of plundering.

True, the opening of the museum had to be waited for a long time – the opening ceremony took place in 1949. 12 years later, in 1961 there were reconstruction and expansion of the museum, in 1992 these works had been repeated.

At present the Musee Bourdelle offers all connoisseurs of art to see with own eyes more than five hundred works: bronze, marble and plaster statues, paintings, wall painting, pastels, drawings. His numerous masterpieces are supplemented with own collection of Bourdelle which contains the works by Rodin, Delacroix, Ingres, Chavannes, Monticelli and others.

Located at 18, rue Antoine Bourdelle, 75015 Paris