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Moulin Rouge celebrates 125 anniversary

Moulin Rouge… Even if you’ve never been to Paris, most likely you heard about this famous Parisian cabaret. And today – the 6th of October 2014 – it celebrates 125 anniversary.

It can sound strange but the hero of the occasion is … the Eiffel Tower! 🙂 Exactly in the honour of its construction Charles Zidler and Joseph Oller had organized a colorful bright show in Montmartre – the beginning of the glorious cabaret’s history.

What about the name, then Moulin Rouge – “red mill” – appeared from a wooden mill with red wings created by a painter Adolphe Willette. Frankly speaking, the red color in this case is not more than a territorial belonging of the cabaret to a “red-light district” of Paris.

Moulin Rouge is famous for its amazing dance performances and guests-habitués from the world of art. Moreover, the first women’s striptease was shown here! In 1893 one dancer had bared her body completely before the enthusiastic public.

Its 125 anniversary Moulin Rouge celebrates with “Feerie” performance – one of the best shows for all history of the cabaret.