Live presentation of new Tarkan’s album in Paris

Tarkan – one of some singers who managed to get the world fame, not singing in English. Tarkan has lived with his parents in Germany to thirteen – an eastern temperament and European culture successfully connected in him. And, of course, this and a great talent have allowed him to achieve such success.

Today he is called a Turkish man number one, and he became the first man whose photo dressed a cover of the local version of women’s magazine «Cosmopolitan». But 20 years ago when an obscure boy began to sing at weddings, only he believed that would be a star.

“I am a threat to men. Me and my dancing, dresses, hairstyles – these destroy all what they are trying to show as a true manliness”. This hot brunette, whose idol from his childhood is Elvis, looks a very together at any moment.

Tarkan became a star thanks to the song «Simarik». Over 29 million copies of his albums were sold all over the world from the moment when he had sung it the first time.

Tarkan’s concert at Parisian concert hall Zenith is a part of the European tour which began in 2011 in support of the singer’s new CD «Adimi Kalbine Yaz».

For three hours at the Paris concert stage fans of the musician will hear as new Tarkan’s songs as well-known hits like Simarik, Sikidim, Dudu, Gulumse Kaderine, Gitti Gideli, Ozgurluk Icimizde, Ay, Hup, Kuzu Kuzu, Yandim and many others.

The show will begin on April 16, 2012 at 20:00. Tickets price – 54-99 euros.