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Your Paris shadows mystery – Le Manoir de Paris

Not only paintings of the great masters in the best museums can bewitch guests of Paris, “the City of Light” has the own “dark” gem – the museum-attraction Le Manoir de Paris – a place of fear and trembling!

Are you crazy on unusual, breathtaking and scary spectacles? No doubts! Plan your visit to this truly unique Paris place, the more so because, it’s located in a mansion almost in the very center of the city (18 Rue de Paradis, Paris 75010).

What is in Le Manoir de Paris for us? All the program is based on the true legends of Paris passed on from one generation to another (Humpback of Notre-Dame, zombies of Pere Lachaise, vampires, Phantom of the Opera…); gloomy décor; creepy illumination; three tens professional actors who are ready to give you the creeps at any point…

But stop!!! Intrigue must be kept till the end! 🙂

Buy tickets and move yourself into the world of Paris shadows. Thrills guarantee – 100 %!