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Exhibition dedicated to Parisian cabaret Le Chat Noir

The history of Paris is closely intertwined with such a symbolic phenomenon like cabaret. Almost all of us have heard about the legendary places – Moulin Rouge and Crazy Horse, but this is only a small part of what connects the city with cabarets. If you consider yourself an admirer of the Parisian cabarets, you should definitely visit the exhibition dedicated to the Le Chat Noir cabaret, which was opened at the Montmartre Museum (Musee de Montmartre).

Le Chat Noir was, perhaps, the most unusual cabaret ever existed in the city on the Seine. It appeared on the map of the city in 1881 and had immediately became the most avant-garde place of the French capital.

Here the piano, accompanying the performances of dancers, was firstly placed directly on the stage, not standing under it. Now that sounds a little improbably, but in those days the police forbade such liberties in the entertainment business.

At the Le Chat Noir many well-known composers created their music – among them were Claude Debussy, Paul Delmas and Erik Satie.

History of the cabaret will appear before you in the form of hundreds of paintings, drawings, photographs, some of which are signed by Vuillard, Monet, Toulouse-Lautrec and other famous people, who used to visit the La Chat Noir.

The organizers of the exhibition recreated at the Montmartre Museum a unique theater of shadows. And for more pleasant time the music by Yvette Guilbert and Aristide Bruant will sound for the guests of the museum.

The exhibition will last until January 13th, 2013. Adress of the Museum: 12 Rue Cortot, 75018, Paris.

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