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The night at Les Invalides


the night at Les Invalides
the night at Les Invalides

Do not miss the last chance to see the light show on the facade of the famous Les Invalides, where lies the remains of one of the most successful military commanders of all time, Napoleon Bonaparte. You still have time to visit the night at Les Invalides till the 7 May.

We offer representation in the 3D format, which will unfold in the 250 meters of front of the Invalides and will be devoted to the French history.

Sun King, Napoleon, Charles de Gaulle and many other well-known over the world French people, changed the course of world history will be sown right in front of your eyes. During the presentation before you sweep 350 years of the glorious history of this great country.

Image that is projected onto the 180 ° causes the stones of the building to talk. You will get acquainted with the history that makes empathize, to become part of it, the night at Les Invalides leaves  no one indifferent bystander. The narration will affect well-known historical facts, and introduces viewers to the myths and conspiracies, without which cannot exist.

The first time the idea of night at Les Invalides was held last year and received an unexpected success. More than 4,000 visitors each night came to take a fascinating journey into the past witch will last a half-hour. Popularity with the public can be explained by several factors. Firstly, this is eclectic setting. The original mix of music, light, film and theater gave an unexpected result, which was incredible resonance among Parisians and visitors of the French capital. Secondly, it is an undoubted talent of the author, who has successfully managed to make a faceless mass of well-known historical facts fascinating story, fun for all generations from the youngest, who still does not know the history to the most experienced, who remember the reign of de Gaulle after World War II . Thirdly, Night at Les Invalides is not only entertaining, but also informative and educational presentation, each of you will certainly discover something new and something previously unknown in French history.

It’s sure that the Night at Les Invalides will leave a lasting impression in your mind. When it will speak about the history of the world, also it will add a new page in the book for your personal stories, remained vivid memories of your stay in Paris.


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