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Grand Palais – the palace for the great art

Paris Grand Palais is one of the most magnificent architectural structures which we can meet in the French capital. Grand Palais is located in the eighth administrative district of Paris near the famous Champs Elysees. If we talk about the architectural style, so Grand Palais refers to architectural direction of Beaux-arts. Today the building can be called a popular exhibition and cultural center in the city, and it is not surprising because one of the main facade of the palace has a symbolic sign “devoted to the Republic for the glory of French art”.

Regarding the history of this famous palace. From the very beginning its construction has been inextricably linked with the legendary Parisian World Exhibition of 1900. Grand Palais was very recognizable construction of the French capital from the foundation because of its huge roof, made from steel and glass ceilings. At the top of the roof the pride of France – its national tricolor – proudly waves for more than a hundred and ten years.

Grand Palais occupies a large area and if you look at it from a bird’s-eye look you see the form of the Latin letter H. Exterior walls are made of fashionable in those days stone and decorated with numerous statues. The authors of this remarkable creation were four architect: Henri Deglane, Albert-Felix-Theophile Thomas, Albert Louvet and Charles Girlaut. The skill level of these masters is confirmed by the fact that each of them was awarded a symbolic French Prize of Rome in architecture.

The interior halls are mostly used for numerous exhibitions during all the year round. It should be noted that the famous design house Chanel likes to organize their exclusive shows here. Besides the exhibitions and fashion shows, the halls of the Grand Palais are a popular place for a variety of lectures and seminars dedicated to the history and the art. Also the exhibition hall of Grand Palais represents an interactive science exhibition.

The local administration does not forget about the convenience of visitors. A great restaurant is always open and you can not just have a lunch here, but also spend time in the company of new acquaintances. Be sure, you will find them among art lovers. The restaurant is located in Petit Palais.

For the safety of employees and guests of Grand Palais and for preservation of artifacts there is a separate police station in the lower part of the building.

It’s a little funny that some time ago the management of Grand Palais installed numerous beehives on the roof of the building where their own honey was.

If you will have a free time, being In Paris, visit Grand Palais without fail. Especially because it works in a very convenient time (from ten in the morning to eight at night) and the entrance is absolutely free.