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Georges Pompidou National Centre of Modern Art

One of the most beautiful modern architectural facilities of the French capital – National centre of art and culture (that’s a real name of the Centre Georges-Pompidou) – was opened 36 years ago in 1976 and for all this time it turned into a very popular place for leisure-time of residents and guests of the city.

As the founders of the museum has planned (including the President of the France whose name it has got) , the Centre is a modern place with symbolic architecture of the last century, which harmonically combines under its roof the modern art, theater, cinema, music, literature, and other directions of creative work.

Nowadays, the Centre of Georges Pompidou is considered one of the most attended places in Paris. By official statistics it’s about ten million people annually.

Thanks to the talent of Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, the architectural ensemble blends with rather classical buildings of the area, adding to it more originality and modernity. External decorations of glass and steel form an inimitable impression of the construction, which firstly seems as a factory, not a house of art. And due to such a “strange” appearance, the Centre attracts as real connoisseurs of art as common people, who walks past.

What does the Centre of Georges Pompidou offers inside? The permanent collection of the museum has about 60 thousand exhibits (the second world position after the Museum of modern art in New York): modern European artworks, huge library with a reading hall, cinema halls, theater stages, different documents on the art of 20th century, class rooms, institute of music research, bookstores, cafes, restaurants.

Dozens of theme exhibitions, concerts, conferences, movies, colloquiums, theater plays, masterclasses are being held at the Pompidou Centre annually.

The National Centre of Modern Art and Culture is located at the Place Georges Pompidou. Subway: Hotel de Ville, Rambuteau, Châtelet