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Ganesh Festival in Paris

Paris has been a multinational city for a long time, the city where cultures and traditions of many nations from different continents of our planet closely coexist. We’re not going to discuss this multinational influence on the French culture development, but would like to emphasize that coming to Paris you have a possibility to learn traditions of people from numerous corners of Earth.

If you don’t know, there is an Indian diaspora in France. Of course, it’s not so big as in Britain (like it or not, but it used to be the centre of the empire), but this is quite a colorful representation of the ancient Asian nation.

Every year the Hindus of France organize their mass feast, Ganesh Festival (Fete de Ganesh). During this event people celebrate Ganesh – the deity with an elephant’s head and one tusk.

On the 1st of September, 2013 a Paris quarter, Small India, in the 18th district of the city will be full of crowds. People in national Indian garments will go in a colorful procession accompanied by musicians. Streets will be decorated with flowers and fruits, and coconuts will be broken on the ceremonial stage.

By tradition the Festival of Ganesh starts near the temple Sri Manicka Vinayakar Alayam.

Do not deprive yourself of pleasure to touch an amazing culture of Hindu people and visit Fete de Ganesh. Enjoy the last quiet days in Paris while the major part of its residents is still on vacation.