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French song

A song is one of the most important features of every nation mentality and culture, we even can say this is its soul. As we tell and write about France, let us offer you our short selection of beautiful songs played by well known French musicians.

Quite probable, you’ve heard all these songs or some of them before, but we would like to risk and share them with you one more time.

Have a pleasant viewing and listening, because whatever anybody may say, French chanson is very beautiful!

French song (or songs) for you! 🙂

Edith Piaf — Non, je ne regrette rien
The famous song of great Edith Piaf about fate, the joys of life and, of course, about that this woman has no any regrets…

Yves Montand — Sous le ciel de Paris
Under the sky of Paris. This song is a soundtrack for the same name movie. Edith Piath was its first performer, but Yves Montand sang it very well either.

Claude François — Comme d’habitude
Claude Francois wrote “As usual” as far as 1967. In English it’s the song “My way” and it was in repertoire of legendary Frank Sinatra.

Edith Piaf — Padam Padam
And Edith Piaf again. “Padam Padam” – the melody was created more than 70 years ago by the composer Norbert Glanzberg, but it still sounds from loudspeakers all over the world.

Charles Aznavour — Une Vie D’amour
This song selection could have no sense without Charles Aznavour. “Forever love”, a beautiful tune, voice of great Armenian… Just enjoy the song.

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin — Je t’aime moi non plus
Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. France loved them, and they loved France, but… most of all they loved freedom… in all! Moralists and kids U’21 to pass by! 🙂

Yves Montand — Un homme et une femme
“A Man and a Woman” film. Of course, the song is from this movie. And again we enjoy Yves Montand vocal.

Catherine Deneuve — Toi Jamais
Catherine Deneuve… She sings too, and she does it very well. 🙂 The song “You – Never” from the film “8 Women”.

Joe Dassin – Et si tu n’existais Pas
No words… Just listen and enjoy!

Yves Montand – Les Feuilles Mortes
“Fall leaves” – a song about a past love. It turned out the man can sing beautifully about such a sad situation.

Patricia Kaas – Mon Mec a Moi
Patricia Kaas is the brightest star of the French music of the end of the 20th century. And we just have no right to miss her in our pop-chart.

Mylène Farmer — Innamoramento
And finally we are in the 21st century of the French music. Mylene Farmer – the main diva on the Olympus of show-business in France, and her song has to be here! 😉

Vanessa Paradis – Joe le taxi
A romantic song about the best taxi driver in Paris – let it be on our list too!

French song will live forever!

We hope you’ll like it 🙂