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Paris is transforming into a giant concert hall – Fete de la Musique

Every year there are many music festivals in Paris, but Fete de la Musique is the special one.

It is open for all persons interested – as professional musicians as fans who come to Paris on this day from anywhere, people happy to communicate and share experiences and ideas. Many well-known artists can be seen among the participants of the festival.

There are no restrictions concerning styles of music. You can hear rock, electronic, folk and classical music at different places of the French capital – in parks, squares and train stations, museums and castles. For example, the famous Parisian Symphony Orchestra is performing in the Louvre. Sultry African melodies sounds at Quai Branly.

Today June 21 – the day of the summer equinox. Therefore, this is the longest day of the year. And till the sunset you can visit many places where the concerts will be. Even when the sun will set the holiday is not over. It will continue in cozy Parisian bars and cafes.

All details of Fête de la Musique program and information on concerts are on the official festival website

The concerts are free.