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Exhibition in Versailles: Furniture of the 18th Century

Haven’t you been to Versailles yet? It’s high time to correct this mistake, especially as there has appeared one more reason now! Chateau de Versailles invites all comers to visit an interesting and enthralling exhibition devoted to decorative design, a direction, which originated in the 18th century.

Organizers of the exhibition “18th century, Birth of Design, Furniture Masterpieces” offer us to see a hundred pieces of furniture, created by famous masters of that time: Antoine-Robert Gaudreaus, Jean-Henri Riesener, André-Charles Boulle, Georges Jacob and Charles Cressent. These masters made history due to a fresh look on furniture creating, cancellation of design cliches of the previous century, using new shapes and materials.

To learn the French furniture evolution, you’ll be offered to retrace milestones of its development starting from the 15th century, using up-to-date digital and visual technologies.

The exhibition the 18th century furniture will last in Versailles till February 22, 2015.

And be sure to spend some time to visit another expositions in the palace, because Versailles is not just the royal apartments, it is a true gem of France, an important part of its history.