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Top exhibitions of June at Louvre: I, Augustus, Emperor of Rome

Being in Paris, it’s difficult to bereave yourself of pleasure to visit the Louvre and the Grand Palais – main exhibition grounds of the French capital. And now you have an extra reason – the exhibition “I, Augustus, Emperor of Rome…” dedicated to Octavianus Augustus, whose 2000 year death day is this year, will be held in June.

The exhibition offers life and achievements of this great sovereign in the works of art of that time. The exposition includes of frescos, sculptures, jewelry, furnishings, vessels…

Visiting the Grand Palais and the Louvre, you’ll enjoy and get acquainted with works of art dated to the “golden” (if historians are right) age of the Roman Empire.

The main exhibit of the exposition is a statue of the Emperor the usual place of which is one of the Vatican’s palaces.

The exhibition “I, Augustus, Emperor of Rome…” will last until July 13, 2014.