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Exhibition: Diego Velazquez

“Why do people paint? Because everyone in comparison with great Velazquez looks scammer and pretender?” A similar phrase was heard in the conversation of the famous French painter Edouard Manet and poet Charles Pierre Baudelaire. Was the great master right saying these words or not is not for us to judge. But in any case, the talent and genius of the Spanish painter can not be questioned.

If you are interested in art at least a little, it must be interesting to see with your own eyes paintings of Diego Velazquez – the legendary portraitist.

At the Grand Palais in Paris the exhibition of works by Diego Velazquez is held, where the artist (or rather, his work) is represented widely. Organizers offer visitors to get acquainted with a huge number of works created in different periods of his life.


Diego Velazquez – a real icon in the art world. So, if in the nearest future you plan to visit Paris, be sure to have time and enjoy this exhibition. Even if you are not an art connoisseur, you will get a great pleasure watching great paintings.

The exhibition runs until the 13th of July, 2015.