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Edith Piaf museum in Paris

The name of Edith Piaf is a part of the glorious history of French music and it is familiar to everyone who loves the real French songs. This great singer has become a legend during her lifetime, so there is absolutely nothing surprising that the museum, dedicated to her life and work, was opened in Paris. Moreover, the museum of Edith Piaf did not become a part of the state program to perpetuate the memory of the famous French, it was founded by a group of people who had called themselves “Friends of Edith Piaf”.

The keeper of the museum of the great singer is the secretary general of this community Bernard Marchois. Precisely due to this worthy man the admirers of Piaf’s talent can learn more about the life of their idol.

Mr. Bernard was personally acquainted with Ms. Piaf, was her guest often, actively involved in her work. After the death of the singer Marchois decided to open a museum. The exhibits were his personal belongings, associated with Edith Piaf, and those ones that were given by her other friends and relatives.

Even of Edith Piaf museum is not the largest in Paris, it is very interesting for admirers of her creative work. Here you can see a large number of photos and paintings of the singer, elements of design of her shows, costumes, jewelry, furniture, letters and other personal belongings. In the museum there is a place even for favorite toys of Piaf. So, for example, you can find here a teddy bear, given her by the husband.

Edith Piaf museum is located in the eleventh district of Paris near Pere Lachaise Cemetery, where the singer was buried. Opening hours: 13:00 – 18:00 (Monday – Thursday). If you want to visit the museum, coordinate your visit in advance by telephone. The excursions in French are hold by Mr. Bernard.

Edith Piaf Museum Address: 5 Rue Crespin du Gast,
75011 Paris

Telephone: 43 55 52 72

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