Coldplay – The best band of the present goes to Paris

Readers of the authoritative British music «Q» magazine called rockers from “Coldplay” the best band of modern time. You can certain that it is not for from the truth one more time at a concert of the band which will be held in Paris on September 2, 2012.

In the French capital the musician will continue a big tour in support of Coldplay’s album «Mylo Xyloto», released at the end of last year.

«Coldplay is for people with great taste, intelligence, incredible good lookingness, talent, ability, success, grabbing of life. Coldplay’s for people who know what life’s about. They’re always entertaining. Delightful to talk to. Sweet, charming, incredibly good in bed. Virile. They have incredible success with girls, or boys, or both. They’re generally just the world’s best citizens. Maybe I’m biased, but I’m definitely right.» – the words by frontman of the rock-band Chris Martin.

If anyone does not agree with his statement he continued: «We’re not a totalitarian regime; no one’s forced to listen to Coldplay».

Though, as we think it will be much greater the first people. And no wonder that organizers of the concert prepare Stade de France stadium for the British musicians.

Tickets are on sale now. Their cost ranges from 130 to 150 dollars.