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Cirque de Demain — Circus art festival in Paris

Every kid loves circus! And even when we grow up we continue to cherish this amazing feeling to the art that conquered our hearts many years ago. If you are in Paris in late January, you can’t but visit the show of circus arena masters from the whole world. Performances will be held during the annual circus art festival Cirque de Demain (Circus of the Future).

The 35th celebration of the circus will take place under the dome of the Paris circus Phenix from 23 to 26 January 2014. This time jury of the competition has selected 24 artists who will represent such popular genres as the acrobatics, the sky gymnastics, the tightrope walking, and the circus magic (performances with animals and clowns are out of the programme).

Cirque de Demain de Paris

The feature of «Circus of the Future» is that only U’25 artists can participate in the festival, what is logical based on its name.

The programme of Cirque de Demain has two parts. Performances will be carried out every day but will have different starting time – either 2-00 pm or 8-30 pm in turn. Tickets price: 20-90 Euro.

It’s not so much time left till the festival opening. If you wanna plunge into your childhood again, thus providing yourself with vivid impressions, hurry up to buy tickets. And we wish you fabulous and merry recreation!