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Cinema-boom in France

As one historical character said, “the most important art for us is cinematograph”. We are not going to argue, but note that Frenchmen concur in full measure and visit cinemas in mass.

According to the research by the National cinema centre (CNC), all the cinemas of France had sold more than 213 million tickets in 2016, and this says that every Frenchman goes to the cinema 3 and more times per year. And, altogether, this a national all-time record! With this result, France had left behind the Great Britain (168,3 million tickets were sold there) and Germany (121,1 million).

More people – more money. The rule has worked here too. France has become European leader of film distribution and exhibition. Cinemas of the country received a little bit less 1,5 billion Euro. By the words of CNC President, this performance has allowed 2016 to become one of the 3 most profitable years for last 50 years.

The cinema is popular, so the number of cinemas increases. Now in the country, there is 2045, and more than 100 new screens were opened for the last year. Most active it happens in small towns with population less than 50 thousand residents where there is not a developed entertainment infrastructure.

What the cinema the Frenchmen like? It’s banal, but Hollywood. In 2016, only one French movie, that was shown in cinemas in France, had gotten into the TOP-10 – «Les Tuche 2 — Le rêve américain».

If you’re a cinema lover and travel around France, being in Paris visit the legendary Grand Rex cinema and spend time with pleasure.

Watch the cinema! 🙂