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Chanson, Aznavour, Paris

Charles Aznavour. During the long career this performer of French chanson became the author and the singer of more than thousand of songs the considerable part of which is included into gold fund of the French and world stage. It is possible to consider as recognition of talent of Aznavour that his songs are part of repertoire of stars of world size, Liza Minnelli, Bing Crosby, Ray Charles, Fred Astaire, and Shirley Bassey – legendary performers singing songs of the Frenchman.

In general, Charles Aznavour’s career has begun after the Second World War; the first serious popularity has come after ten years in spite of the fact that in the beginning of the creative way the young actor had been supported by the well-known French performers Édith Piaf and Maurice Chevalier. But, nevertheless, this modest in appearance person with his raucous voice has succeeded to achieve his goal. Thanks to his talent this person has managed to charm the audience with his art despite that his music didn’t correspond the standard musical norms of France of the fiftieth years. However today songs of Charles Aznavour are known and popular far outside France, and for certain among domestic music fans there will be many admirers of his talent.

If to speak about all many-sided nature of the artist, it is necessary to notice that he has achieve recognition as the actor of cinema, having played many remembered roles. He was noted in the world of art being the director of musicals. Charles Aznavour was engaged in charitable projects, aspiring to introduce more good and love to the world.

Certainly, last decades the creative work of Charles Aznavour, Yves Montand and Édith Piaf has lost the former popularity on the French earth, however true admirers of the Parisian chanson exist (and should be). And anyway, visiting magnificent Paris, every admirer of the French chanson aspires to spend time pleasantly in a cozy bar where his or her favorite musical genre songs are sung on stage. Believe, you can find many bars of that kind in Paris. For this purpose you should buy a guidebook to the city or ask your guide for recommendations. Or you might simply come across an announcement, saying that a Parisian chansonnier is ready to please you in this or that public house. Having visited a restaurant of that kind is important, you will plunge into atmosphere of the present France … the present Paris … and the real Parisian chanson will be performed for you

Undoubtedly, it is possible to listen to this music at home on the musical centre, but after all nobody will challenge that fact that this music will bring incomparably more  impressions in its native environment, in the best city of the world – Paris.

Therefore the admirer of the real Parisian chanson is simply obliged to visit the native land of this music and to take pleasure in it in Paris!