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Chanel number 5 at the Palais de Tokyo

Yesterday at the Palais de Tokyo in front of the Eiffel Tower, the exhibition dedicated to the eternal Chanel number 5 opened its doors.

From May 5 to June 5 at the Palais de Tokyo, the Museum of Contemporary Art, located in the sixteenth arrondissement of Paris, has an exhibition, named «№ 5 Chanel Culture» (French: № 5 Culture Chanel).

A bit of history Chanel number 5.

Fragrance Chanel number 5 was created in 1921. According to legend, Coco Chanel asked her perfumer Ernest Beaux to create “an artificial fragrance that smells of women”, she insisted that it must be new, and be artificial -created by a man. There is a curious fact that Ernest Beaux was perfumer at the Russian royal court, but he was forced to migrate from the Soviet Russia after the revolution in 1917. So, Ernest provided to the judgment to Coco Chanel 10 flavors, from which she chose the fifth, which was named Chanel number 5.

Chanel number 5 belongs to the group of aldehyde-floral fragrances. As for the description of flavor, the aroma of perfume consists of the following notes:

Top notes are aldehydes, neroli, ylang, bergamot, lemon;

Heart notes of orris root, lily of the valley, iris, jasmine, rose;

Base notes are amber, patchouli, Civet, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, oak moss, vetiver.

Coco Chanel was so enamored with the smell that first time she advertised herself this fragrance.


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