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Cannes Film Festival: What to see?

So the famous film festival is going forward at a steady gait… Idols of millions on the red carpet and interesting premieres – the traditions of the Cannes Film Festival during more than six decades remain unchanged.

The 65th anniversary event follows them in full. One of the main intrigue was the appearance of British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in a new incarnation – the ruler of an imaginary country Wadiya, Admiral General Hafez Aladeen. And the “Dictator” entered on the red carpet riding a camel.

Besides that, lovers of cinema have to give consideration for one more film – a nominee of the Cannes International Film Festival – the work of an American director Wesley Mortimer Wales “Wes” Anderson “Moonrise Kingdom”. This is a humorous (even sarcastic, as noted by some critics) movie telling about how in 1960 13-year old teenagers knew what the love is and had decided to understand the feelings sweeping over them, Of course, they had to leave the homes, what is logical in their understanding. In this film legendary actor Bruce Willis plays a sheriff responsible for their capture. And it’s the first time for many years when he appears on the screen with an unshaven head ;-). The actor admits that this is the most unusual role in his long career. Other famous actors did not also think long about participation in the project – among them such known persons as Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton and Bill Murray. So, the movie is really worth to be watched.

The Film Festival in Cannes will last until the 27th of May and you can still be absorbed in the unique atmosphere of the most legendary European event in the film industry.