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April Fish Day

Holiday. It’s always fine! And today is the day when we celebrate one of the merriest and most positive occasions – April Fools’ Day. By tradition (certainly you have such a tradition), we play a practical joke on our friends and colleagues and, of course, can be hooked by their jokes back. 🙂

Frenchmen also pass April the 1st with pleasure, having a lot of fun and joy, and above all, a good mood of all people around. What about the name of this holiday in France? It is Jour de Poisson d’Avril (April Fish Day). The reason is that on this day there is a rule to draw fish on the backs of persons who lose vigilance or to pin fish figures of paper or plastic.

As you can see, every nation celebrates the 1st of April in their own way, but there is something in common – gladness and light mood.

Have fun on April Fish Day! 😉