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L’Aerosol art-project – Street art to the masses!

Paris is considered one of the cultural centres of the world by right, and modern art is not alien to it a priori. And what is modern art without its city culture? Louvre, Pompidou Center – this is cool, of course, but will you find graffiti there? We want the street art to the masses! 🙂

And, Yep! Now you can enjoy graffiti and other displays of street art at L’Aerosol centre – a new art-project under the protection of the National railroads association (SNFC Immobilier) opened in a former cargo station in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.

More than 1000 square meters inside and two times more of the open terraces offer all comers to enjoy the art by many authors, among who there are the very famous masters of the street painting: Banksy, JonOne, Shepard Fairey, Invader, Crash, Dondi White.

However, L’Aerosol is not just a street art. This is an interactive space where you can show your art skills or just spend the time with fun keeping good company.

At your service, the walls for a digital graffiti – just paint! 🙂 Haptic displays – create your masterpieces on them and print as a keepsake.

Wanna go roller-skating? You sure can!

Get hungry? There is a food-court with a bar and vans with various food!

Standing too long? Dance on the dance floor!

And many-many other interesting things are waiting for you on 54 Rue de l’Evangile, 75018 Paris.

Cultural space L’Aerosol will be opened till February 2018 – the street art is calling you! 😉